Terms and Conditions

January 20, 2020 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

Terms & Conditions of participation at CanadianSME Business Expo

Terms & Conditions of participation at CanadianSME Business Expo

These general terms and conditions for exhibitors cover the following parties:

Cmarketing Inc
Organisers of CanadianSME Business Expo
2800 Skymark Avenue, Suite 203
Mississauga, ON. Canada. L4W 5A6
+1 647 668 5785
+ 905 206 0055

By registering for the event, the exhibitor acknowledges and accepts all aspects of the following Conditions for Participation in CanadianSME Business Expo 2020. The conditions shall collectively define the legal framework for participation in the event and govern the booking of exhibition space by the exhibitor, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. The prior written consent of the Organiser shall be required for the exhibitor to assign the rights and obligations arising from or in connection with this agreement to a third party.

Terms of business

Booth booking:

A stand space is booked by signing a booth booking contract or making the payment through www.smbexpo.ca website. The agreement between the exhibitor and the Organizer takes effect once the exhibitor signs the contract and made the payment. This confirmation shall be binding, even if it deviates from the registration, unless the exhibitor objects in writing within four weeks of receiving the booth confirmation.


The Organiser- Cmarketing Inc shall rule on the eligibility of exhibitors based on the compatibility of their range of exhibits with the product categories at the event. All the products, equipment and services must comply with Metro Toronto Convention Centre rules and regulations as mentioned in the exhibitor’s kit. It is the duty and responsibility of exhibiting company to comply with all the rules and regulations mentioned in exhibitors kit. Cmarketing Inc and MTCC reserve the right to refuse the booth rental and terminate the contract at any time, if the exhibiting company does not comply with the regulations. If Cmarketing Inc refused to allow any exhibitor or the contract is terminated by the organizer side, Cmarketing shall refund the payment in full, including deposits.

Booth space allocation:

The organiser Cmarketing Inc reserves the right to allocate booth space to exhibitors as per the availability and floor plan and is not obliged to allow or fulfill specific requests for allocation of a particular booth space. Cmarketing Inc reserves the right to change the original booth location and shall allow other location in consultation with exhibitors if necessary.

Booth design:

The exhibitor shall be responsible for the construction, design and safety of his stand, in accordance with the General Regulations and Technical Regulations of the Organizer and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The exhibitor is obliged to observe the rules and regulations set out in the Exhibitors Kit for the construction and dismantling of stand. The space allocated to the exhibitor may not be exceeded in either height or any other dimensions.
The exhibitor shall not be authorized to share, sub-let or assign the stand to any other company or to entrust it to other parties in any other way. The exhibitor shall only be allowed to display and distribute advertising material and to address visitors within his own booth space.  All exhibition items must be removed from the exhibition area after the closing of the exhibition on the date and time specified by Cmarketing Inc. If the exhibitor fails to remove the items by the specified time and date specified Cmarketing Inc is entitled to remove the items at the exhibitor’s own risk and cost.

Liability and limitation of liability 

The Organizer, Cmarketing Inc does not undertake to safeguard exhibits or stand equipment/fixtures. It is recommended that exhibitor insures his exhibits, property and the personnel himself. Unless otherwise stated, the organizer or its representatives or vicarious agents shall be excluded from any liability for damages, regardless of the legal nature of the claim. Cmarketing Inc is not responsible for the exhibitor’s indirect losses. The exhibitor is liable for any damage including loss of or damage to goods caused either by him or by any of his assistants to the exhibition venue. The exhibitor is also liable for any other damage arising from the exhibitor’s failure to supervise the space rented by him. Cmarketing Inc is not responsible for the exhibited property. Cmarketing Inc assumes that exhibitors are adequately insured. Exhibitors are encourages to make security arrangements for sensitive or valuable items. The organizers, Cmarketing Inc will bear no responsibility for the property of exhibitors.

This participation agreement is subject to Ontario law and the Place of jurisdiction is Mississuaga. The Organiser reserves the right to file its claims in a court at the exhibitor’s place of business.

Fire safety regulations
Exhibitors are responsible for following all fire and safety codes, and must follow the guidance given by any representative of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Fire safety rules and regulations can be found in Exhibitors Kit.

Admission will only be available to registered visitors and staff of at least 18 years of age. Proof of age me be required.
Cmarketing Inc shall not be liable to any visitor for damages he may have suffered due to the behavior of an exhibitor or staff employed by an exhibitor. In particular, the exhibitor and his staff cannot be considered as vicarious agents of Cmarketing Inc.

The Exhibitor is aware and acknowledges that the Organizer has taken the Premises of Metro Toronto Convention Centre on a rental basis to organize Exhibition. Further, that venue owner has imposed certain conditions /obligations on the Organizer with regard to the usage of the Premises and for matters incidental thereto. The exhibitor shall be liable for any actions /claims / demands / fines imposed by concerned authorities on the Organizer due to any act / omission of the exhibitor violating such conditions/ obligations with regard to the usage of the stand space in the Premises and or matters incidental thereto. The Stand Space in the Premises is being allotted to the exhibitor subject to exhibitor agreeing to comply with these terms and conditions in addition to the terms of the exhibitor’s kit, exhibitor manual and the rules and regulations set by the management of Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada.

The Exhibitor and sponsors shall indemnify, defend or settle and hold the Organizer free and harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, actions, costs and expenses, relating to, resulting from or in any way arising out of Exhibitor’s breach of any of the provisions of Terms and Conditions for Participation, Exhibitors Kit and rules and regulations of Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto and all concerned authorities Regulations.


Phone: + 1 647 668 5785
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